“I am extremely pleased with all the work Organic Edible Gardens has performed at our home.  I was particularly struck by their in depth knowledge of all types of plant material and how that knowledge assisted us in our decisions during the design process.  They have also aided us in hardscape work for a small pond and waterfall we have in our back yard.  The entire company is conscientious, hard working, dependable and personable.  We will continue to use them for all our landscaping needs and I recommend them highly.”

– Bob J., Falls Church, VA


“I highly recommend hiring Organic Edible Gardens. In April 2010, Organic Edible Gardens designed a small herb garden for me in a couple of contained areas around my patio.  They planted 14 herbs (basil, thyme, catnip, basil, oregano, etc.), peppermint, onions, tomatoes and carrots.  I loved my garden so much, I asked them to expand the flowerbeds around the fence to plant edible shrubs like everlasting raspberry, barberry shrubs (to keep deer away), a fig and persimmon tree and groundcover like Echinacea, sweet woodruff, ‘chocolate chip’ Ajuga, cardinal flower and tea camellia.

Later I asked Organic Edible Gardens to redesign my front yard, replacing my 1950s woody bushes with witch hazel, Feijoa, and Eleagnus. Last year I added chives, parsley and more oregano to my herb garden and continued expanding my flowerbeds.  I enjoy going out to my garden and snipping the fresh herbs to make a bouquet garni for pasta sauce and stew, or gathering mint to brew tea. Growing edible plants and shrubs has added a whole new dimension to landscaping.

Organic Edible Gardens provides solid garden design and planting advice.  Their written proposals give me a detailed understanding of what is involved and what it costs. I look forward to continuing working with the Organic Edible Gardens team on maintaining and/or expanding my yard.“

– Deborah B., McLean, VA


“I highly recommend Organic Edible Gardens.  I am so glad that I found this landscaping company.  I have worked with them several times in the past year to get a large (3/4 acre) yard in Northern Virginia into shape, which had been neglected for many years.  The yard has significant drainage issues —  too wet in the spring and completely dried out by summer.  It was covered in English Ivy and other undesirable plants and shrubs.  Organic Edible Gardens worked out a plan with me to achieve my priorities:  the desire for a low maintenance yard with high “curb appeal” using environmentally sustainable, drought resistant plants that are native to this area.  Their landscaping plan incorporated the unusual features of my yard, enhancing its good points and solving problems in the process.  They worked with me to accomplish the work in affordable phases and demonstrated a high degree of customer care.  They stuck to the schedule and performed the work in a very professional, environmentally sensitive manner.  My yard looks 100% better!   I will definitely use them again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

– Liz F., Alexandria, VA


“A garden is only as good as its soil.  Organic Edible Gardens did a wonderful job preparing my garden plots and upgrading the flowerbeds. I recently moved into a 1930 home in Arlington.  The plantings were beautiful, but the soil was tired.  Organic Edible Gardens removed the hardened, compressed soil and replaced it with an outstanding organic mix of peat moss, perlite, compost and good garden soil.  The plants trees, and garden vegetables thrived!”

– Cathy G., Master Gardener, Arlington, VA


“We have been overwhelmingly pleased in working with Organic Edible Gardens.  The designs are creative, fun, and very well researched and thought through. They work with our ideas and couple that with knowledge of native species, edible plants and organic gardening to create the most beautiful landscapes. The work in our yard was completed quickly, efficiently and has resulted in exactly the landscape we dreamed of for our home. We are very grateful and look forward to our continued work with Organic Edible Gardens.”

– Marlene S., Falls Church, VA