Pruning in the Dormant Season

February 8, 2014

Pruning in the Dormant Season ©2013-2014 Danylo Kosovych and Organic Edible Gardens LLC What most people consider pruning is taking a power tool to the exterior of a shrub and turning it into a perfect ball, or hedge row. While this tactic applies to hedges it does not benefit most shrubs and trees. A common […]

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January- A Time for Rest and Reflection

January 15, 2014

January- A Time for Rest and Reflection ©2013-2014 Danylo Kosovych and Organic Edible Gardens LLC The shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is December 21st , the winter solstice. From the advent of the solar calendar, cultures have been holding celebrations on this day in association with their religious beliefs. At this […]

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Fallen Leaves: A Valuable Resource, Not a Waste Product

November 20, 2013

Fallen Leaves: A Valuable Resource, Not a Waste Product ©2013  Danylo Kosovych and Organic Edible Gardens LLC One of the first practices that struck me as odd when I began landscaping is the collection and disposal of the season’s fallen leaves. Leaves are a good source of organic matter and plant nutrients. You can reduce […]

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Rainwater-Harvesting Earthworks

September 30, 2013

©2013 Jonathan Storvick and Organic Edible Gardens LLC “Swales” and other rainwater-harvesting earthworks are an integral part of the sustainable landscape.  Harvesting rainwater is by no means a new concept – humans have been capturing and storing rainwater for at least 6000 years, probably longer.  From the cisterns of ancient Rome to today’s ubiquitous 55-gallon […]

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Fall Lawn Renovation the Organic Way

August 28, 2013

© 2013 by Danylo Kosovych and Organic Edible Gardens LLC Fall, in general, is the best time of the year for planting. With temperatures slowly cooling down and an increase in precipitation, newly installed plants have a good opportunity to establish themselves. When it comes to the month of September specifically, this is a good […]

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Species Profile: Alpine Strawberry

August 19, 2013

  Ecology Fragaria vesca ssp. alpina, or alpine strawberry, is a prostrate fruiting herb that has been eaten by humans since the Paleolithic.  Like a great many of our favorite cultivated plants (apples, pears, roses, plums, peaches, etc.), it is a member of the Rosaceae, or rose family.  Alpine strawberry is a subspecies, or distinct […]

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Permaculture Paradise

August 16, 2013

  This was a really fun project – edible forest gardens, mandala gardens, meditation area, plants for the chickens, and TONS of beautiful, pollinator-attracting flowers everywhere. These were really fun clients to work with, very committed to regenerating the land, being good stewards, and growing their own healthy food in abundance.  This will truly be […]

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Low maintenance, ornamental design

July 23, 2013

  Native, ornamental and edible plants provide a beautiful, enclosed sanctuary for this Alexandria residence.

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Medicinal Botanic Garden

June 12, 2013

  This is a highly diverse, medicinal paradise – created as a center of production, a teaching demonstration garden, and an aesthetically beautiful home landscape for a local herbalist in Woodbridge, VA.

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Species Profile: Sea Buckthorn

May 22, 2013

For a while now, we’ve wanted to start profiling certain plant species here on our site.  There are a few reasons for this:  First, a lot of these plants are unfamiliar to American gardeners (outside of  some permaculture circles, that is!), and they definitely deserve a bit more popularity for several reasons.  Second, we want […]

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